Explanation tax returns Loonheffing and Opbrengstbelasting

All digital services of the Belastingdienst CN can be found in one portal

The new services are: The Verzameloonstaat (VZLS) (under Loonheffing) and the Opbrengstbelasting (OPB).

We will now elaborate step by step.

All submitted Verzamelloonstaten can be found here.

Submit your Verzamelloonstaat here.

Click “start” to get started with the Verzamelloonstaat.

We now move to OPB annual accounts

Click “Opbrengstbelasting”.

Click “annual accounts” and click “start” to get started on  the Opbrengstbelasting.

Tick the checkboxes on the introduction screen if you approve.

Submit your annual accounts here. First fill in all fields and then upload the annual accounts and attachments and click on confirm.

Here you see an overview of the annual accounts, confirm the information and press the sign and send.

We now move to OPB tax returns

Click “Opbrengstbelasting”

Click the tab “tax returns”

Click “start” get started on tax returns.

The procedure for filing is similar to that of the returns for Loonheffing and ABB.