Create & Activate

You can manage your government affairs online via MijnCN. In order to do this you must create and activate an account one time. Click on the link below to do this and then on ‘create account’.

Please note: You need a CRIB number to create a private or business account. Do you not yet have a CRIB number? Then you must visit the Belastingdienst Caribisch Nederland first to apply for one. If you create an account as an employer to give notice of absenteeism and to apply for lost pay then you must use your business CRIB number and email address.

Create and activate account

The following video explains step by step how to create and activate an account. Or you can read this step-by-step plan

One-time verification

An extra verification code is required to verify your identity. In addition, the verification ensures that your (historical) data of the Belastingdienst/Caribisch Nederland (Tax Office Caribbean Netherlands) and the SZW unit of the RCN are linked to your account.
The following video explains, step-by-step, how you verify your account once-only. Or you can read this step-by-step plan.

2-Factor Authentication

Finally, it is necessary to enable 2-Factor Authentication in addition to the standard protection. You will then not use one but two keys to open the lock to your account. If you use the online services then 2-Factor Authentication is mandatory.Here you can read more about 2-Factor Authentication.

The following video explains step by step how to enable 2-Factor Authentication. Or you can read this step-by-step plan.

More information

Are you looking for more information on creating and activating your account? Check the most frequently asked questions and answers.