Social Affairs and Employment

The Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) unit of the RCN offers employers the possibility of giving notice of absenteeism online. The said notification is handled as an application for lost pay. 

One-time verification

A single-use verification code to verify your identity is required for the use of the online services of SZW. Have you already followed these steps when creating an account for the use of the online services of BCN? Then you do not need to verify your account again. Here you can read more about one-time verification.

2-Factor Authentication

Because the SZW both receives and sends personal information via MijnCN, extra security is required. The use of 2-Factor Authentication for the online services of the SZW is therefore obligated. Here you can read more about 2-Factor Authentication.

Online absence notification

All employees in the Caribbean Netherlands receive continued payment of their wages if they cannot work due to sickness, maternity leave or an occupational accident. Employers can receive (part of ) this paid wage back via loss of earnings. Within the new process you give notice of the absenteeism of your employees via the web portal of SZW on MijnCN. The said notification is automatically handled as an application for lost of earnings.

More information

Do you have any questions about the system and your online absence notification? Then please check the frequently asked questions and answers or use the search function in the top right corner of this website. Do you have any content-related questions about this social insurance? Then please visit the website of the RCN SZW unit.